January 3, 2013

do you have a dollar?

My sister leaves in less than a week for Ukraine.  She is adopting 3 children!  It will cost them almost 70,000 to adopt all three children.  So far, they have done great at raising the money.  They have been very devoted and I am amazed at all the ideas they have had to raise the money.  

They are still a little over 19,000 short.  I don't know how it all works.  I don't know if they need to have that whole amount by the time they leave next week, or by the time they leave Ukraine 6-8 weeks later.  Regardless of when they need it....I thought I would try to help them a little more. 

Do you have a dollar?  Just one measly dollar?  If you do, that is all I ask.  Just donate 1 dollar.  If everyone I have as a friend on Facebook donates one dollar, that is $394 dollars.  If everyone that Michael knows donates just ONE dollar, that is $561 dollars.  Of course, Michael and I have 104 mutual friends.  So, if we add 394+561 and then subtract 104 it will equal $854 dollars.  

When looking at the $19,000, $854 doesn't seem like much, right?  But I think if we all ask all of our friends to donate just one dollar, it will have an awesome affect!  

So go here:

Donate a dollar!  Just a dollar and then feel good that you have helped the world be a better place :)