January 3, 2013

shower curtain

For years I have loved this shower curtain:

It is from Anthropologie.  The total cost would be just under $130 with shipping and tax.  Trust me, there have been several times I have added it to my shopping cart just to see the total cost.  
However, I have never been able to justify $130 for a shower curtain. 
I told Michael once we moved into our new house, I was going to buy it for our new bathroom.  
Now that Michael is without a job....and we are without a new house....buying a shower curtain for $130 is at the bottom of our list!

I lucked out!  While shopping at TJMaxx with a gift card I got for Christmas, I found a shower curtain. 
 This one:
A completely different company made this one!  I am sure it is not as thick as the one from Anthropologie.  Also, I would have preferred the light blue one.  BUT, it was only $19.99!  I was so excited and still am!  Once I get all the wrinkles out, it will look almost identical to the one from Anthropologie.